Into the Pint Glass: Bock

Into the Pint Glass: Bockfeatured

I had to visit not one, but two bottle shops to find something suitable for this round of Into the Pint Glass. Who would’ve thought that bocks would be so hard to find? And I still couldn’t find a true, regular bock, but I figured Mariah and Katie wouldn’t be too picky with this one.

Into the Pint Glass: Bock {the ponytail diaries}

The first one I tried is actually an old college favorite. I’ve talked about Spike’s here before — Aventinus was one of the beers my friends and I all drank in order to earn our t-shirts, and I remember enjoying it (at one point, my husband proclaimed it to be his favorite beer). Spoiler alert: it was even better than I remember.

Into the Pint Glass: Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Unser Aventinus {the ponytail diaries}

Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Unser Aventinus (8.2% ABV)

Color/appearance: This was caramel/brown with a half-inch tan head that dissipated gradually, leaving some lacing on top.

Smell: Wheaty, malty, bready. Maybe a little fruity?

Taste: It’s lighter than it looks, similar to a wheat beer with some more malt undertones. Just a hint of spices on the after taste.

Overall: Effing delicious. It’s dangerous because it doesn’t taste like an 8.2% ABV, but it’s not a “fast” drinker either (at least for me, my husband would probably down it much quicker).

Into the Pint Glass: Ayinger Weizenbock {the ponytail diaries}

Ayinger Weizenbock (7.1% ABV)

Color/appearance: This was more of a deep straw/gold c0lor, thick off-white head — it poured like a hefe or wheat beer

Smell: Caught me off guard by smelling SUPER fruity! I got a hint of apples in there and made my husband smell it to confirm.

Taste: If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve called this a wheat beer. There was just enough sweetness to let me know it was stronger than your typical hefe or wit, though.

Overall: Quite good. Again, could be dangerous if you (I) drink more than one or two of these.

Man, I wish bocks were easier to find around here. This is definitely a style I’d like to sample more.

Into The Pint Glass
  • I’m actually not a massive fan of bocks. I’m not sure why but I haven’t found many I like. I’m going to have to dig into your past “into the pint” posts. Looks like a fun one. I haven’t blogged about beer in a while, but it’s usually when I brew my own!

    Without looking back at your posts, I wouldn’t know, but if you don’t already — Untappd is an amazing app for keeping track of your beers!

    • I used to use Untappd but just kept forgetting to pull it up. I feel like I should start using it again.

  • I know!! I had no idea bocks were going to be so hard to find!! I went to Bine and Vine and struck out and then P went to Whole Foods for me. I did not get a traditional one. I will have to keep my eye out for the first one to try it out.

    • I found that one at Bine and Vine, in the back. The guy even commented “So you like bocks?” when he rang me up. I don’t think they’re a big seller around here 🙂