September Recap & October Goals

September Recap & October Goalsfeatured

Let’s see, what cliche should I use this month? “I blinked on September 1st and all of a sudden it’s the 30th?”

Whatever, we’ll go with that one.

Seriously, though, to pile on the cliches and sound like a freakin’ broken record, I have no idea what happened to September. Like, none. So…let’s just see what happened while I was sleepwalking:

Sign up for/run a cross-country race or two

Oh yeah. I ran a 5K last weekend and I almost died and I loved it. I’m already planning for next year.

Prepare for “El Nino”

Haha, at the risk of being completely ridiculous, I totally bought Onyx a rain jacket. I liked the look of this one, so we’ll see how it holds up if/when the rain comes. Up next, some rain boots for me. Because those are essential in every San Diego household, right? I love these but will probably go with one of these more reasonably priced options.

Stay on pace with the e-course

Eh, sort of. I haven’t given up on it altogether, so that’s a win for me, but I’m definitely behind.

Re-read Harry Potter

Did not even start. Because All the Light We Cannot See took longer than I thought, then for some reason I borrowed The Cuckoo’s Calling from the library, so I have to read that before it’s due, and then I found out the Jojo Moyes is doing a reading/signing here in early October for After You, and I thought well, that’d be cool to go to (since I really enjoyed One Plus One), except I should probably read Me Before You first, so… So that’s up next after Cuckoo. THEN I will go back to Hogwarts.

It’s rough being a voracious reader whose time is limited, guys. #thestruggleisreal or whatever.

Yoga my ass off — in the morning

So one, I got back to a few studio classes and I loved it. I’ve toying with the idea of canceling that membership altogether to save a little money, but then I went back and remembered how much I love the energy of those classes. I totally think you can have a wonderfully fulfilling practice just using YouTube or podcasts or DVDs or whatever (or free-flowing on your own), but I think for me, my practice is at its best when I balance in-studio instruction with an at-home practice.

Anyway, I was not having much luck with the AM practicing for most of the month…until the last week or so. I think I’ve found a way to reconfigure my morning routing to incorporate at least a little yoga first thing.

That all tells just a small part of the September’s story. A lot more went on, mostly in my head, to be honest, that I’m still figuring out. I’ll probably write about it…eventually.

Looking forward!

September Recap & October Goals {the ponytail diaries}

October is going to be pretty crazy with multiple out-of-town trips. And business is starting to pick up a bit, so my main focus will be on keeping up with all client- and business-related tasks, rather than taking on new projects. That said…

One speedwork session each week

Hey, I was serious about improving my speed and overall fitness! I don’t want to do anything too crazy or make specific plans, just 20-30 minutes or a couple miles fast each week. Could be fartleks, track/treadmill intervals or varying distances, tempo runs…just something to get my legs pumping a little faster than normal.

Re-organize/decorate my workspace

I just bought this wall calendar from Paper Source and it…doesn’t quite fit the space I have available for it on my wall above my desk (which is basically all I’m talking about when I say “my workspace”). I’ve been wanting to re-do that area anyway, and now I kinda have to if I want to get the calendar up.

Create and use some better systems for blogging

Namely, re-do my editorial calendar and then get more efficient with the writing and publishing process, plus work in some more effective and consistent promotion. I love writing here and I’ve got plans and goals for this space, but right now, I’m spending too much time (mostly during “work” hours) on something that’s not making me money (yet?). I’m not entirely sure what this will look like, so step one will be setting aside some time this weekend for some serious brainstorming and planning.

I’m linking up with Mariah, Esther, Lindsay, and Shannon for Maximize Your Month Clear the List — join in!

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  • I love the dog rain jacket! Thus far I’ve avoided buying clothes for my dog, but when it’s raining and we have to go outside… he just smells so bad! And, let’s be real, he looks adorable in clothes. Rereading Harry Potter is a huge undertaking! I’ve thought about doing it and decided against it, simply because I don’t want to block out that amount of time and have none of it be for a new book or at least one from the “self improvement” genre. Good luck with your October goals!

    • I’m generally against dogs wearing clothes in general, but I wanted a jacket for mine because she acts so pathetic when she gets wet.

      It’s funny, there are tons of books on my shelves I want to re-read, but then I look at the ever-growing stacks of unread books and think “Well, I really should read those instead…” I’ll probably read another book or two alongside the Harry Potter series…or I’ll just read all seven books in one weekend (forgoing sleeping and eating and stuff). 🙂

  • Best of luck with your goals for this month! I, too, am a voracious reader, but as often as I read, I never seem to have enough time to get to all the things I want to get to. One of my goals was to finish every book I own, which would be a whole lot easier if I could keep myself from buying new books before I finish the ones I already have. But… you can never have too many books imho.

    • I tried that same goal at one point. And I failed miserably for the same reason. I will never be able to stop buying books.

      • I wouldn’t doubt that I’m setting myself up for the same failure. But, I’ll gladly accept failing that goal if it means that I will always have new books to read.

  • I’m so glad it wasn’t just me that felt like All the Light We Cannot See was a slow read. That book took me forever! The struggle is real, it’s hard for me to just read a little of a book here and there. I want to read it all, right now! I’m not sure rain boots or a jacket would have really helped on the day it rained last month, that was crazy. Best of luck on your October goals!!

    • Haha, yeah, on that day it probably wouldn’t have made a difference! We’ll see if we even need it that much at all now…

  • Now I totally want to re-read the Harry Potter series. I might have to bring one with me for my next long plane flight. I get a lot of reading done when we head west across the date line for some reason – those flights are hard for me to sleep on. Many congrats on your 5K and your yoga, and best wishes for a successful and happy October!

    • Thanks Kristin! Harry Potter sounds like a good choice for any long flight 🙂

  • Good luck with your goals for October! I have to be honest and say I’ve never read Harry Potter other than the first book when I was a lot younger. It just never really interested me. Recently, I watched all the films as someone lent us the boxset and I think I’d like to read the books now! (I know – how lame does that sound? I watched the film now I want to read the book?!) 😉

    • Haha, my husband’s the same way! I think he might’ve read the first one or parts of it. He loves the movies, though, and I keep bugging him to read the books. I told him I’ll get the audiobooks and we’ll listen on our longer car trips (this was after he shot down my offer to read them aloud to him like a bedtime story 🙂

  • I know what you mean about September coming and going in a blink. I can almost say the same about 2015! Good luck with the October goals!

    • Oh man. I really do hate falling into that trap and using all the cliches about time flying, but good Lord, this year has just been crazy like that!

  • I love this idea!! Setting monthly goals is great but I love the accountability that you have here with making it a post and also reporting on the month before in each new month. 🙂 I really need to start doing this!

    I stumbled onto Local Adventurer from Pinterest and then explored a bit and found the Clear the List linkup and your picture for this post is gorgeous, so I had to come read it 🙂

    Great post!

    • Thanks Jessica! I’ve had mixed results with sharing goals and recapping them, but I think it does help me get more done overall.