currently… {october 2015}

currently… {october 2015}featured

loving | weekends in the middle of nowhere. watching onyx play and voluntarily swim (a little) in the lake. rooting for don mattingly to be don mattingly (come onnnn, mets).

working | on getting up early (earlier, at least) and creating a new morning routine. it’s a work in progress.

hating | allergies. god. guys, I never got allergies until after I came back from Denmark. I think that one year away killed any immunity I may have had to all the zillions of allergens that now attack me at least twice a year. at best i get hit with itchy eyes and a general “foggy” head feeling. at worst I’m literally incapacitated for a couple days.

currently... {october 2015} {the ponytail diaries}

wishing | to see a weather forecast where the high temp starts with a 6. honestly, I know it’s lame and annoying to constantly complain talk about the weather but for fuck’s sake. I haven’t experienced temps below 70 degrees in I don’t know how long. does anyone have an extra room in Alaska I can move to for the next few months?

listening | turnpike troubadours, aaron watson, jason isbell, sturgill simpson. all sorts of podcasts. and Garth Brooks, in preparation for SEEING HIM LIVE IN NOVEMBER OH MY GOD I CANNOT WAIT.

writing | 750 words a day, and I’m starting to churn out some story outlines and character sketches. lots of ideas starting to percolate.

buying | a plaid shirt from target. because yes, I needed another one.

reading | harry potter. and it is so good.

planning | Christmas gifts. oh yes. I keep running lists and notes for ideas of what to buy people all year, but around this time I try to really pay attention and plan who I’m going to shop for and what I want to get them so I can budget and start looking for deals.

bookmarking/saving/pinning/tweeting | these brownies. this better blog checklist. this character tip. these CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE SHOT GLASSES. this advice for freelancers. these thoughts on respect. these tips on working with clients.


  • Thanks for the link love, Allison! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to create a new morning routine that won’t make me feel like waking up is such a drag. What have you been doing in your morning routine so far?

    • I’ll probably do a post on it soon 🙂 Right now, the goal is to get up and do a little gentle yoga to get moving, then make and eat breakfast before taking Onyx out for her walk. The problem I was having was eating breakfast while reading blogs or checking email or whatever, and letting that bleed into when I want to be starting my work day. So now I treat that walk like my “commute” and I start working right after that. Eventually I’d like to add in journaling, but I’m still working it all out!