Ways to Be Productive without Really Being Productive

Ways to Be Productive without Really Being Productivefeatured

Ways to Be Productive Without Really Being Productive {the ponytail diaries}

1) Rearrange your Pinterest boards.

2) Rearrange your physical bookcase.

3) Come up with a new filing system for physical papers and stuff on your desk.

4) Come up with a new filing system for your digital files.

5) Tag and sort all your photos in iPhoto or Google Photo. Suggestions: By date, by event, by subjects/objects, by IG filter used, by dominant colors…

6) Proofread your old blog posts. ALL OF THEM.

7) Research new options to revise your disclaimer, T&C, and Privacy Policy for your blog/website.

8) Read 20 articles on how to be more productive.

9) Read 20 articles on forming good habits.

10) Read 20 articles on how to turn yourself into a morning person.

11) Create a really complicated spreadsheet to track your income, expenses, time, and how often you use the bathroom throughout the day.

12) Oil pull.

13) Rearrange your pantry or cupboards. Get depressed because you still don’t have a proper pantry.

14) Look for new ways to organize and maximize space in a small kitchen (TO PINTEREST!!!).

15) Use Pinterest to meal plan for the next five years.

16) Sort, file, tag, and arrange your Evernote notes and notebooks.

17) Clean the blender and mentally add “green smoothie ingredients” to your shopping mix.

18) Make tea.

19) Look up tea storage tins and get really tempted to buy some that are on sale.

20) Clean the coffeemaker.

21) Research fancy new coffeemakers on Amazon.

22) Update your Amazon wishlist. Remind yourself how absurd it is to have over 1400 items (99% of which are books) on said wishlist.

23) Search for desk organizers and storage bins online (The Container Store, Target, Ikea, World Market…)

23) Join a bunch of Facebook groups for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

24) Sign up for a dozen or so Skillshare classes.

25) Research new layouts and themes for your blog.

26) Read 50 articles on how to write a killer About page.

27) Unsubscribe from a couple dozen email newsletters.

28) Organize the people you’re following on Twitter into lists. ALL OF THEM.

29) Unfollow a bunch of people on Twitter because you’re not really sure who they are or why you’re following them.

30) Curse group giveaways for getting you to follow most of those people.

31) Unsubscribe from blogs that no longer interest you.

32) Replace those blogs with new ones.

33) Go back to the earlier unread emails in your inbox and start going through them one by one in an attempt to reach Inbox Zero.

I may or may not have personally tested all of these.


  • LOL!! I wish I would go back and organize all my pictures, paper files, and digital ones 🙂 Instead I think I’m with you on reading all the articles and researching new systems 🙂

    • I keep telling myself I need to organize all the photos I keep on my external hard drive so I can find them more easily when I want to use them for blog stuff. But it never actually happens…

  • Well thanks … now I know what I need to do on a rainy weekend. Several of these. 🙂

    There are so many of these I need to do. One thing I need to do is organize all my photos — not just in Google or iPhotos — but all the photos I’ve taken since going digital — in 2006. Most of mine are organized pretty well by date, but I’d like to actually have a list of each one so I know where certain things are. We’ll see if it ever happens. When doing it, hopefully I can find a way to double and triple back things up!

    • A couple years ago, I went through all my printed photos and tried to just sort them in boxes — nothing fancy. Then…somehow…they all got mixed up, and now I’ll randomly find old photos shoved into albums (not in the little sleeves, just slid in like bookmarks) or mixed in with piles of paper on my desk. I honestly have no idea what happened and keep saying I need to re-organize them. :/