29STORIES Check-In #8: NaNoWriMo Week 2

29STORIES Check-In #8: NaNoWriMo Week 2featured


This week was kind of a dud.

29STORIES Check-In #8: NaNoWriMo Week 2 {the ponytail diaries}

First, I didn’t really write anything last weekend. I have a dozen excuses for that: my schedule was thrown off, Husband was home most of the time and it’s hard for me to write while he’s here, for some reason, and since we’re in a one-bedroom there isn’t another place I can “go” to write, we went to the concert on Saturday…but they’re all just excuses and bottom line, I need to get more disciplined on weekends and “off” days.

Then I made it through Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday…and didn’t manage anything Thursday or Friday. And again, I have nothing but excuses. My lack of preparation is kicking me in the ass — the hardest part (and one of my excuses) is sitting in front of my laptop trying to think of an idea for a story, or searching for a good writing prompt or story starter or anything to get inspired. It seems like that process takes SO long and then I don’t have the time to actually write it. Which is so lame, right?

Which means my goal for this weekend is to brainstorm some quick ideas (that I’m excited about) and have them ready to go for next week.

(I’m still going strong on 750words, at least.)

NaNoWriMo Stats, Week 2 {the ponytail diaries}