October Recap & November Goals

October Recap & November Goalsfeatured

I feel totally lame admitting this, but months with lots of travel (three straight weekends) are definitely not my favorite. First, Onyx and I drove to the middle of nowhere to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday with family (Husband was in Mississippi for a friend’s wedding), then we went to San Luis Obispo for Husband’s fraternity’s 30-year reunion, then we went to Alabama for a belated get-together for my father-in-law’s birthday. We went to a Nascar race. Post most definitely forthcoming.

And that last jaunt was six days in total — we flew into Atlanta (because cheaper/more direct flights, although we forgot to factor in the full cost of the rental car that became necessary and I don’t think we saved any money), drove to Montgomery for a day and a half, drove to Birmingham, which is closer — but still not that close — to Talladega for the race, back to Montgomery, and back to Atlanta to fly home.

Point being, I spent a ridiculous amount of time in cars and on freeways last month. And a lot of time away from my desk/laptop, which was good, because I was out with friends and family and, you know, doing stuff, but I also got really busy with client work, especially at the end of the month, and as much as I tried to prepare for all the traveling (because I’ve known it was coming for several months), by the time we got back from Alabama, I just wanted to curl up in bed and not move for the rest of the week.

Needless to say, Husband and I dressed up on Saturday as “people who aren’t leaving their zip code for the first time in almost a month” and watched movies instead of doing anything special for Halloween. I felt like I should be bummed because hey, Halloween’s on a Saturday! We should totally come up with fun costumes and go out for once! But I really wasn’t. (Though Onyx was a minion thanks to my friend who ordered a too-small costume for her dog.)

And that brings us to November. I’m really looking to several weekends that are (mostly) free of plans and re-setting.

October Recap & November Goals {the ponytail diaries}

First, a look at Octobers’s goals:

One speedwork session each week

I did…two. In my defense…traveling. Oh, and I tried to get out to one of November Project’s workouts but that…didn’t work. For the most part, though, I kept up with some running during all that travel and even accidentally pulled off an 8-mile run in SLO (my longest run in months). I was going to just try for three or four miles, but hit those points and was still feeling really good, and had no immediate plans, so I just kept going. And I was at least a little hungover and probably pretty dehydrated, but until the very end when I started to get really hungry, I felt great. So…I think I found my new pre-game plan for my next half-marathon.

Re-organize/decorate my workspace

I made significant progress here! Still not photo- or blog-ready yet, but I started to re-do the wall space above my desk (still filling it in with photos and fun/inspirational prints and stuff). And over the weekend, I spent an unseemly amount of time pacing up and down aisles at Container Store looking for “storage solutions” for the space under my stand-up desk. I finally walked out with some bins and organizer-doohickeys. Still a work in progress, but I’m really pleased with how it’s looking.

Create and use some better systems for blogging

I tried so hard to dedicate time to this — but it fell by the wayside when client work picked up. So I can’t really complain but this has to get done this month.

And now, for November…

Knit again

I think (hope?) now that it’s cooling off a little, knitting will start to sound like a good idea again. It doesn’t even have to be that warm for my hands to start sweating when I knit and the yarn gets stuck and it just doesn’t work or feel like something I should be doing in the summer…or most of the year. But I think the season’s coming back around. And I still have that sweater I want to finish…

Run more, run longer (and faster?)

I looked through my Garmin history a couple weeks ago and found that almost all of my runs from August through September were short and pretty slow. Many were dog runs, which are great, but not always the greatest workouts. So I’m trying to re-think how I schedule my workouts so Onyx still gets her runs in, but I’m still getting some quality miles on my own.

Find a CPA

I probably should’ve done this several months ago.

Get a haircut

Please don’t judge me for making completing this basic adult task one of my official monthly goals…

Research health insurance options

Because it’s open enrollment for Covered California or whatever and I am NOT happy with my current plan. Am I not happy enough to actually sit down and do the research and comparison and number-crunching of my other options? We’ll find out!

I’m linking up to Clear the List with Mariah from Food, Booze & BaggageEsther from Local Adventurer, Lindsay from Lindsay Does Languages, and Shannon from Eurolinguiste! Share your goals for November and join in!

Clear The List
  • I know what you mean about get a haircut! If I don’t put stuff like that down on lists, it just doesn’t happen. Totally fine to add that to the list! Good luck for November! 😉

  • Sydney Sauer

    Good luck with all your running goals! I know how it is to look at that history and be a little disappointed. 🙂 But from what I’ve read here it looks like you’re doing great! Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Sydney! Seriously, I looked at the Garmin stats and thought “oh, no wonder my jeans have been feeling a little tight.” It sucks in the moment, but it’s good have that data or I probably wouldn’t be trying to make any changes.

  • Best of luck on your November goals! I had huge anxiety over finding a hair stylist when we moved and didn’t have my hair cut for like 6 months 🙂 You did pretty good on your goals considering you were oot for most of the month 🙂 A good stay at home weekend is needed every now and then!

    • It is so necessary to hibernate every now and then 🙂

      I’ve been using Groupons mostly to try out different salons and stylists and so far, the only one I’d want to go back to turned out to be out of my price range for normal cuts 🙁