currently… {december 2015}

currently… {december 2015}featured

printing | our Christmas card, for the first time ever. still need to stuff them in the envelopes and address and stamp and mail them, but they exist and are in the living room. this is big.

listening | to my holiday playlist. i wouldn’t call it “finished” but that sucker has 125 songs on it now and i’m pretty pleased with it. you can check it out here. i didn’t pay attention to order or anything when i added songs, so i’d recommend clicking on “shuffle” and just letting it go. and enjoy the randomness.

eating | literally all the treats in sight. my sweet tooth has gotten slightly out of control.

watchingelf and christmas vacation and the grinch (jim carrey version). is it me, or are those making up like 90% of abc family’s “25 days of christmas” programming this year? those and promos for the new pretty little liars and reminders that the network’s changing its name in january.

meeting | meb! he was at road runner sports last week promoting these new gps watches. my husband and i both won tech tees. and i’m SO excited to go to LA to watch the olympic marathon trials in february.

currently... {december 2015} {the ponytail diaries}

finishing | my christmas shopping. JUST ONE GIFT LEFT BITCHES. color me proud of myself.

contemplating | changes i might or would like to make to my business next year. there are many.

decorating | our little christmas tree. and our wine glasses.

loving | all the snow tahoe’s getting. here’s to a white, powdery christmas.

bookmarking/pinning/tweeting/saving | this homemade amaretto. this essay on getting a green card. these thoughts on reading whatever the fuck you want, even if you “shouldn’t” like the work or the author. these thoughts on fear and settling and taking chances. this hysterical help group.