Five Little Highlights from 2015

Five Little Highlights from 2015featured

I’ll be honest: normally, I’m not a big fan of these types of posts. But I’m in a weird mood this week and I’m scrambling a bit to take care of a bunch of loose ends before Christmas so I can mostly take the following week off and not have to worry about client work or deadlines.

In the midst of all that, I’ve also been trying to squeeze in time to reflect on the past 12 months or so and make some plans and goals and resolutions and all that jazz for 2016. I love looking both at the big events of the year and the smaller, everyday things that really made up the bulk of my year. So this is a little list of some of those little things.

5 Little Highlights from 2015 {the ponytail diaries}

Discovering the best way to listen to podcasts

While walking the dog. I queue up a couple podcasts, grab my headphones, and we go. Those walks really are my “commute.” I used to resist listening to “new” podcasts, because it seemed like I didn’t have time to keep up with that many. Now I’m more open to trying new ones, so hit me up with your suggestions and recommendations.

Finally finding a training log I want to write in

I mean, this is only my fourth week with it, so maybe I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, but so far, I’m absolutely loving the Believe training journal. I ordered it right before Thanksgiving, thinking it was a dated calendar so I’d have to wait until January to start it — I really was delighted to see it was undated, and it arrived on a Monday, and I was like “what the heck?” It’s not like I had another training log…oh wait, I did, I just couldn’t find it and hadn’t recorded a workout in it in…over a month?

Getting some bigger/more high-profile assignments from a client

I was offered, a couple times throughout the year, the opportunity to work on some bigger assignments than what I’d been doing, and it was great. Not only has my workload (and paychecks) from that client increased, I’ve also been able to do different types of writing (and add to my portfolio) and work on my interview skills. Plus, the fact that the assignments were freely offered to me is a nice confidence boost.

Making these pork enchiladas, this veggie-sausage-cheese bake, this banana bread, and this skillet pasta

Repeatedly. I’m getting better at finding a balance between rotating through our very tried-and-true favorites for dinner each week and actually making the meals I’ve pinned or saved in Evernote. This has resulted in several new tried-and-true favorites added to the rotation. And very happy bellies for me and Husband.

Running an actual XC race

Because, while it was hard and painful and I got my ass kicked, it reminded me that I will take that kind of running and racing and training over marathons any day.


  • Looks like some good things from 2015. 🙂 Keep it up in 2016!