gratitude52, Week 51: 100 Things to be Thankful For

gratitude52, Week 51: 100 Things to be Thankful Forfeatured

gratitude52 (because “52 Weeks of Gratitude” is too much of a mouthful) is a year-long challenge/series on, obviously, gratitude. Read more about the challenge here and all gratitude52 posts here.

You know, this list is both the easiest and hardest post for this series.

Easy because, when you start to think about it, you can list hundreds, if not thousands of things to be thankful for. You can drill down at get really specific: instead of being thankful for Netflix in general, you can be thankful that New Girl is on Netflix, that Friends is on Netflix, that House of Cards gave you something to look forward to watching with your husband last spring, and on and on and on. You can be thankful for Starbucks or you can drill down and be thankful the barista at your local Starbucks knows your name, that you somehow always find a seat next to an outlet, for their paninis, their cake pops, their breakfast sandwiches, for your particular favorite drink or drinks. You can be thankful for independent coffee shops or you can be thankful for each independent coffee shop within a mile of your apartment.

See, and that’s where it starts getting hard. I could’ve come up with just a list of 100 local businesses I’m thankful to live near in San Diego. Or I could generalize it more and just say “local coffeeshops” or “local breweries” or choose a couple to list specifically so I’d have more room on this 100-item list to share other things I’m thankful for.

And then, because this is a list that’s going out in the world, there’s a certain amount of filtering going on. I started just writing a list, jotting down everything and anything that came to me, and then (because this is what I do), I started to break the list into categories and started wondering “Am I listing too many ‘food & drink’ items? Maybe I should show my gratitude for things I take for granted or only have because I’m lucky enough to be middle class in a wealthy first world country. Does this make me look to shallow? If I add these, will it look like I’m trying too hard?”

Which is kind of a stupid line of thinking, of course, but that’s blogging.

And that said, here’s what I eventually came up with.

gratitude52, Week 51: 100 Things to be Thankful For {the ponytail diaries}

The Obvious




Friends I’ve had since high school and can still spend hours talking to

Friends I’ve had since college who remind me that change and growth doesn’t have to break certain bonds

Friends who share my love of the Giants and make living in this city even more fun

Husband’s new job with a shorter commute and half-day Fridays

That I’ve been able to make it work freelancing for about 18 months now

My clients who’ve enabled the above

First World Pleasures


My MacBook



My Brita filter and the fact that I don’t really *need* it, but water out of the fridge is more refreshing than water out of the tap

That my building has a laundry room

That I finally found a local, affordable hairstylist I love

That we finally have a ceiling fan

That I live close enough to Petco Park to make weeknight baseball games a possibility



My external hard drive

My bed

My apartment which is a steal for the neighborhood we’re in

Email, yes really, because I really hate talking on the phone

That I live walking distance to at least half a dozen coffeeshops/temporary offices

Pilot Precise Rolling Ball pens


My back patio

Spotify and the fact that I can listen to almost any artist or type of music nonstop and its Discover Weekly playlists

Food & Drink

Chai tea & lattes

Earl Grey tea

California burritos



Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin

Nomad Donuts

Coronado Cupcakery


Banana bread

Chocolate chip pumpkin bread

That I can get a “free” tea bag when I order a grande tea from Starbucks, and that their rewards program lets me get free tea from Teavana


Pumpkin beer

Central Coast Brewing Chai Ale

Overly ridiculous hipster coffee shops


Wine club memberships that give us an excuse to go to Temecula every few months

Mac and cheese

Peppers Mexican Restaurant

Reese’s peanut butter cups

Hot chocolate

Beer & Girl Scout cookie pairings

Trader Joe’s. Literally everything about that store.

Avocados, especially the ones from my grandpa’s tree

Gingerbread lattes

Chocolate chip cookies and when treats get delivered to or left at Husband’s office and he snags some to bring home to me

The ability to make a cheese sauce that solidifies my desire never to go vegan

Fashion & Clothes

(I’m truly surprised this is a category, but when I looked through my list, I found a surprising number of items that fall here)


Forever 21 cutoff shorts

Lucy Perfect Core sports bras (they are the best. And frequently on sale)

Blanket scarves

Flip flops

The Thorn Street Brewery hat my husband won, but decided/agreed it looked cuter on me and now hides my bedhead every morning when I walk Onyx

Oversized hoodies

That plaid flannel shirts remain a fall/winter style staple


Balboa Park

Del Mar and Ocean Beach Dog Beach

Every shade of blue in Lake Tahoe

Little Lake

Dog parks

AT&T Park

Hobbies & Interests



Pigeon pose


YouTube knitting tutorials, without which I’d be useless with a pair of needles

Books and reading

Harry Potter

Amy Poehler & Mindy Kaling

Little Free Libraries

The real library

The Perkville points from my yoga studio that helped me score a sweet deal on my new yoga mat

Hoppy Yoga

Experiences & Events

Running with Onyx on the beach


Cross-country races

That the concert gods smiled on me and granted me Garth Brooks tickets in the 18th row

Family weddings

The Warriors’ first championship in 40 years which all the odd year fuckery in the Giants’ season more bearable

Homebrewing with Husband

Things That Make Me Smile or Laugh and Don’t Fit Anywhere Else

That Husband is a million times more handy around the home than me

Pub games with monthly “tournaments”

When jasmine blooms in the spring

Kind and helpful next door neighbors

British accents

The casting director who chose Chris Hemsworth to play Thor

Ridiculous group texts with family members

Palm trees