November Recap & December Goals

November Recap & December Goalsfeatured

I’m currently scanning through some of Spotify’s pre-done Christmas/holiday playlists to find songs to add to my own “personal” Christmas playlist. As much as I love Hanson’s Snowed In CD, it’s really short, and I need a little more variety to get through the month.

We (my husband) put up our simple decorations last week because we knew otherwise we’d never get to it, and all of a sudden it would be December 22nd and I’d be sad we never decorated or anything.

I’m looking through local event calendars and thinking of general “holiday traditions” to create a December to-do list to (hopefully) ensure we actually take part in some of the holiday events and activities I love but never seem to find or make time for now that I’m an “adult.”

We watched Christmas Vacation after Thanksgiving dinner, so that’s checked off. (Haha just kidding, that was just the first of what will be MANY viewings of that holiday classic.) (Also I’ve already watched Home Alone twice. It’s been on TNT or AMC or something over the last couple weeks.)

I’m…about halfway? done buying Christmas presents for people. Maybe almost halfway. I know what I’m getting for all but two of the remaining people, at least.

And it’s gotten downright COLD in San Diego.

So let’s jump back into my little monthly goal-setting exercise.

Looking back at November, first…

Knit again

I thought really hard about starting something quick and easy, like a cowl or scarf or simple hat, and I have a gift certificate for a yarn store in Pacific Beach I’ve been really tempted to use, but ultimately, last week, I finally picked up the yarn I bought back in January or February and started working on the sweater pattern in earnest. I’m about 20 rows in, and considering I didn’t work on it while out of town for Thanksgiving, I’m pretty happy with that progress. (They’re really long rows, like 100 stitches or so. And I’m a slow knitter.) Strangely, it really feels good and relaxing to pick that up again, although the pattern is complicated enough that I can’t knit and also carry on a conversation with my husband or watch a new TV show or pay attention to anything else. But it’s nice to do that after dinner for a bit while we’re watching reruns or whatever.

Run more, run longer (and faster?)

I’ve definitely logged more days of running. Most of them are still in the “short and easy” category, though.

Find a CPA

I got a recommendation from a local contact and sent an email yesterday, so we’ll see how that works out. Side note, I’m slightly terrified of this for some reason. Like, I’m irrationally scared I’ll either get lectured for doing something wrong up until now or laughed at for not having made more money or something.

Get a haircut


Research health insurance options

I wound up letting my husband add me to his employer-covered plan. It may not be the cheapest option, but it’s certainly the simplest. Things will be easier with both of us on the same plan and it’s one less thing for me to worry about (since the payment will be automatically deducted from his paycheck and I won’t have to write a check or make an online payment each month).

And in December…

November Recap & December Goals {the ponytail diaries}

Re-introduce strength training

I’d love to start going to the actual gym and lifting actual weights at least once a week, but for now, I’ll be happy if I manage to run through some at-home routines or follow-along YouTube videos for 10-20 minutes or so at least 4-5 days a week.

Take care of the paper situation in my “office”

It’s bad, guys. Like, I don’t even know how all these piles of paper got everywhere. They’re covered almost my entire work surface, they’re on a spare chair, they’re on the coffee table, they’re on the kitchen counter. Like fucking rabbits, I tell you.

I’m either going to set a timer for 10 minutes each morning and tackle it in short bursts until everything is sorted/shredded/taken care of or schedule a solid hour one day and do it all at once. Paper might be the one thing I’m actually a minimalist about.

Finish all my gift-buying by the 10th

Because those last few gifts will probably be ordered online and I don’t want to worry about shipping.

Send out Christmas cards

Oh, I hope I get myself organized enough to do this for once…Husband and I have never sent out cards. Last year, we decided to save that money, and the year before that, I was still sending the last of our wedding thank-you cards and I was so. over. addressing envelopes and dealing with the post office. So…fingers crossed!

Plan and make goals and resolutions for 2016

Yes, I’m making a goal to…set other goals.

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  • It is getting cold!! Sounds like you did good on your November goals. Best of luck on your December goals!

  • haha I used to listen to the Hanson’s snowed in CD all the time.. now I have no CD player. booo!! I guess I could burn it onto my computer. 🙂 I love the new haircut! Also, I don’t know how papers get everywhere too.. all my surfaces are covered. I always mean to send out christmas cards too.. but it just hasn’t happened yet. Good luck on your goals for December!

    • I just leave the CD in my car now. My MacBook Air doesn’t even have a CD drive anymore — last week someone gave me a photo CD and I had to ask my husband to take it to work and upload the photos to Dropbox for me.

      Also, pretty sure Snowed In is on Spotify. Probably YouTube too 🙂

  • You’ve inspired me to update my Spotify Christmas list. Good job on your November goals. Your December Goals look great too. I need to take care of the papers in my office too, but it will have to wait ihave enought goals already. Good luck!

  • I totally understand the health insurance goal. I am a newlywed and my husband and I were doing SO MUCH research! Best of luck on your December goals 🙂

    • Health insurance is the WORST. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the “adult” things I hate the most.

  • Working on our Christmas playlist for putting the tree up this weekend! 🙂 I had no idea Hanson had a Christmas album! That’s amazing! Good luck for December and have a great Christmas. 🙂

    • Haha, it’s really old…I think it came out with Mmmbop was still big. Totally holds up though!

  • Nina

    Knitting is a hobby I’ve always admired. My grandma and my mum used to do it, and I loved watching them.
    Good luck on your goals!

    • Thanks Nina! I picked up knitting a couple years ago — it’s surprisingly relaxing.