8 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching the Super Bowl

8 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching the Super Bowlfeatured

Isn’t the Super Bowl crazy? Every year, I’m amazed at how many people who care nothing about football start talking about Super Bowl parties and “game day recipes” and those bets where you make a 100-square grid and number each row and column 1-10 and then buy squares and you win if the score at the end of each quarter corresponds to one of your squares (I’ve just thoroughly confused myself. It is hard to explain that without visuals).

And ALL the bars and restaurants tout their GAME DAY SPECIALS and tell you about all their TVs and drink specials and how you should come there to watch the game and did we mention the drink specials?

And pretty much every other establishment, brick-and-mortar or online, comes up with some sort of promotion or sale or deal or something to relate to the Super Bowl. Even if the store/brand and its products/services has nothing to do with football or sports or anything and doesn’t really target an audience of rabid sports fans.

I mean, when the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl in 1995, my Catholic elementary school gave us all a “free dress day” (instead of our uniforms) the Friday before the game if we wore Niners (or Chargers) colors/jerseys. My mom had to take me out to the mall that week to find a 49ers t-shirt.

Basically, the NFL is a marketing (and possibly thoroughly evil) genius.

Of course I’ve bought into it. I’ve gone to Super Bowl parties at friends’ houses and gone to bars during the game and torn my kitchen apart trying to make all sorts of greasy, cheesy goodness — despite never really being a huge football fan. I tried to get more into it over the past few years, and as a 49er fan by default, the first few Harbaugh years were certainly exciting. But now, without getting too into it, all the controversies surrounding the game/league and the deplorable behavior from the Niners’ front office has me pretty soured on football. Give me baseball and basketball any day. (And give me an MLS or NWSL team in San Diego! Peace out Chargers, let’s get some pro soccer in here!)

But what else are you gonna do on the “biggest sports day of the year”? Everyone else is watching the game, and after all, you at least want to watch the commercials and halftime show so you can relate to your (hungover) coworkers on Monday, right?


OR you can say “screw it, I’m going to take advantage of this time to do something I really want to do!” And if that’s your attitude, I have some suggestions.

8 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching the Super Bowl {the ponytail diaries}

Take a Hike

At least, if you’re not snowed it. Pack some snacks (you can bring greasy, cheesy stuff on the trails. It might not be fresh and hot but it’ll probably still be pretty good) and even a bomber and enjoy the relative solitude. (Maybe you can hike up Cowles without the mass of humanity that usually takes up the trail!) (Maybe not. It’s still Cowles.)

Three Sisters Hike in San Diego County {the ponytail diaries}

Take Your Dog to the Dog Park

You know who else doesn’t care about football? You dog. She would much rather be running around outside than…okay, she’d probably love begging for table scraps too. But she’d still love a trip to the park. Especially a good option if you have an anti-social or nutso dog who normally can’t handle the dog park — odds are it’ll be pretty empty.

Playing at the dog park {the ponytail diaries}

Take a Leisurely Stroll Around the Grocery Store or Target

Am I the only one who gets super annoyed at the grocery store when I feel like I’m always in someone’s way and can’t take five seconds to find what I’m looking for on the shelf? Well, here’s your chance to take your time  exploring each and every aisle, reading ingredient labels and calculating the different per-ounce costs for every single jar of peanut butter they carry. Just definitely wait until after the game starts. And don’t expect to find anything in the chips and crackers aisle, probably.

(I don’t have pictures for the rest of these. Sorry.)

Spa Day

While everyone else is working themselves into a frenzy over the game, you’ll be blissed out and all zen-like.

Netflix Binge

Want to make all those tasty treats you’ve been seeing all over the Internet, but just don’t want to bother with the game? Have some friends over for some good quality Netflix instead.

Craft Day — Knit Something, Sew Something, Paint Something, Make Something

I think this would be really enticing if your significant other/roommates/family are still determined to watch the game. Convince them to go anywhere else for it, and take advantage of the solid 5+ hours of peace and quiet to tackle that Pinterest project you’ve been meaning to do forever. Pro tip: Print out any tutorials, materials lists, etc. you might need a day or two before and hit up Michael’s to make sure you have everything ready to go before the pre-game excitement starts. Don’t waste a minute of the quiet time.

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

Again, if you can successfully bow out of the Super Bowl party all your friends are going to, see how clean and de-cluttered you can get your house or apartment during the game. Oooh, or do something like finally organize all your bookmarks or photo files or unsubscribe from all those annoying newsletters and stuff.

Play a Round of Golf

If you’re into that. You can spend as much time as you want perfecting that fairway shot without holding up another group!

Actually, I could probably almost convince my husband to play disc golf instead of watching the game. Almost.

Watch the Puppy Bowl

I recently found out that Tiger!Tiger! Tavern here in San Diego is emphatically NOT showing the Super Bowl. At all. Not even the commercials or the halftime show. Instead, they’re showing the Puppy Bowl and donating a part of their profits that day to Second Chance Dog Rescue, which is the group we adopted Onyx from. I love supporting them, so Tiger!Tiger! instantly secured my patronage on February 7th. Well done, whoever made that call.

Do you care about the game? If not, are you still planning to watch?

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  • To answer your final question, no, I don’t care about the game. Though I’d rather the Broncos lose (I am not one of those who cheer for people who leave the favorite team … I’m a Colts fan. I still like Manning, just not enough to want him to win elsewhere).

    That being said, football is not my favorite sport and I pretty much only pay attention to the Colts and Notre Dame in college. Outside of that, whatever. When the Colts played in the two Super Bowls, I watched the majority of the two games by myself. One of them, I went to a friend’s house and left at halftime because I wasn’t enjoying the “party” and not being able to actually watch the game.

    On Super Bowl Sunday, I’ll find something to do. Maybe go geocache. Disc golfing sounds interesting, considering I haven’t done it in a couple of years. (I used to run a popular disc golf blog).

    I’m ready for baseball season, despite knowing the Phillies are in rebuild mode and will be a couple of years before they get back up. It’s funny though, when they were in the World Series, I was the same way as with the Super Bowl. Watched it by myself, for the most part. Was much easier and enjoyable.

    • Ooh, geocaching would be cool. I totally found one last weekend by accident (it was at the summit of a local mountain). Like you, though, I’m just eagerly counting down until spring training.

      • If you never have done it, give it a try. There’s a free app by the company that is made for beginners. It’s really worth giving a go.