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Streetlight Cadence and Hi Sessions playlists. Kristin referenced Streetlight Cadence in a recent post and I clicked through to the video and I was just instantly into these guys. They’re from Hawaii and they’ve got this fun, poppy-folksy sound and they play a cello, guitar, violin, and accordion.

And I found Hi Sessions as I was clicking around and checking out some other Streetlight Cadence videos and wow, there’s a lot of good stuff on these. Check out this one and this and definitely this.

Also, in an effort to not have the TV constantly on in the background all afternoon and evening, I’m trying to play music while cooking dinner, usually a Ray Charles or Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald station on Spotify.

And, while researching for an assignment last month, I looked up Laidback Luke and even though I really can’t stand EDM at all…I didn’t hate his stuff.


So…I’m not really one to follow the workout plans you find in women’s magazines (I try to, sometimes, but usually fall off after a week or so because I have running and yoga already, and most of those plans are designed so that those workouts are your only exercise. So I have trouble fitting in extra strength workouts around what I already do). But I really want to commit to regular strength training (and weight lifting, even though I’m 99% sure the gym is what made me sick over Christmas and New Year’s), so I’m following this Self x Tone It Up plan as best I can. I’m a week behind because I spent most of last week being pathetic, but…so far, so good? We’ll see if I’m able to keep it up/continue to incorporate regular strength workouts.


I got Husband to agree to watch Making a Murderer because literally everyone else is. We’re only a couple episodes in — it takes us a long time to watch them because we keep hitting pause to talk about how disgusted we are with the justice system or whatever.

And on the completely opposite side of the spectrum, I’m watching the last season of American Idol. I watched that show faithfully until season…10 or 11 or so? I think the last one I watched was when either Scotty McCreery or Phillip Phillips won. And as much as I just can’t with how manipulative and overdone and ridiculous that show has become, it’s been fun watching the first few audition episodes.

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Bluebird days in Tahoe (finally!). The hands-free leash I’ve been using for runs with Onyx (I was always wary of those, but got the chance to test one during a group run and then won one in a raffle, which was awesome. If you run with a dog who’s not a big puller, I highly recommend one — it’s so nice to be able to move my arms naturally when running). That it’s actually cold enough to snuggle under our down comforter at night. A Brooks running vest I got a couple years ago that’s just right for San Diego’s chilly days and has an inner pocket that fits my phone for when I need to run/hike with it. Leftover Christmas cookies (not loving that they’re all gone…). The killer boots and jacket I scored at the Bass Outlet in Tahoe (Husband also looks smokin’ in the jacket he found there — I couldn’t find the exact one he found on the site, but this is close). Any recipe with sweet potatoes or that I can add sweet potatoes to — we tried this pork enchilada lasagna, with roasted sweet potatoes, and instantly added it to our regular rotation.


All the races I’m planning on running this year. Most of them are shorter and/or trail races in April – June, and then I want to run the Giants Half Marathon in September and (try to) kick some ass in a few of the Dirt Dog races in the fall.

Upcoming family trips — my brother is graduating from med school in May, so we’ll be hitting up Chicago for a few days and then I think the plan is officially to visit Vancouver in June (which means I need to renew my passport…).

What have you been up to? Tell me some of the highlights of your month.


  • Sounds like some good things ahead. Life’s not bad, eh? A few things you wrote about got me thinking — I can never stick to any workout things, either. I need to learn to do things on my own. I’d love to try yoga. When I was much younger, I actually loved to run. Then I got way out of shape and that kind of went out the door. I actually can still run around some (softball etc.), but something in me really wants to learn to run a bit again and maybe do 5Ks and things like that. It’s something I’d love to do in 2016 because I know it would do wonders for my physical — and mental — health. I’ve never liked gyms, so I need to do more outside and push myself in that direction. Maybe this would be better in the gap post you had? I always seem to start and can’t push myself. Need to figure the best way to do it!

    • If you want to get back into running, try looking for Meetup groups in your area — or go to a local running store and see if they host any sort of group runs. Most of those are super beginner-friendly and will introduce you to new routes and other runners. Good luck!

      • I’ve honestly never been a runner. It’s just something I know I think I would like more than, say, going to the gym. So I need to actually learn the right way of doing things. I am not into “runners groups” per say as it’s more of a personal thing I want to do. But I may peek around some. I figure if I can just kind of get myself going with it and biking some, I should be able to be a tad more healthy!