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A Love Listfeatured

Instead of my usual “currently” post, since it’s February, and even though I’m not super into Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share some things I’m currently loving instead:

A Love List {the ponytail diaries}

These water bottles from Zulu Athletics. OH MY GOD THESE ARE AWESOME. Our “best” on-the-go water bottles for awhile were these 32-oz plastic Nalgenes, which are great until the water’s been in the bottle for a few hours and starts to get that plastic-y taste (which, I know, is probably slowly killing us). Then I found these in a two-pack at Costco (I think for like $17 or $18? FOR TWO GLASS WATER BOTTLES GUYS) and I LOVE THEM. I keep one with me pretty much all the time during the day.

And they’re machine-washable because let’s face it, washing water bottles is a pain in the butt.

(Also, I should not be allowed unsupervised in Costco. I went in there for eggs and coconut oil and walked out with over $200 worth of stuff. BUT NOT ANY OF THEIR POPPYSEED MUFFINS which required EXTREME will power to bypass. You have no idea. I fucking love those things.)

The Streak app for Gmail. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE AS A FREELANCER and I love it so so much. It’s helped me get and stay so much more organized with my assignments and keeping track of what’s written and submitted and invoiced and still open and whatever. It’s amazing and FREE.

Everlance. Last year, I started using an app to track my mileage, because taxes, and it was great as a concept. The app, however, pretty much sucked. It would only track 40 “drives” a month for free; anything above that I had to pay for an “unlimited” plan. Which I would have done…if the tracking was even the slightest bit accurate. Drives wouldn’t get tracked, it would track runs or walks as drives (which would still count towards those 40 free ones even if I deleted them), the start and end points were completely off, or it would say a 2-mile trip was 18 miles. Then about a month ago, I discovered Everlance and while it’s not perfect, it’s sooooo much better. It’s 100% free, so I don’t have to always remember to turn the tracking on for work trips and off when I complete them, it’s much more accurate in picking up my start and end points and getting the mileage right (not perfect, but a significant improvement), and I can track expenses and revenue within the app as well, which isn’t really necessary, but it’s a nice bonus (especially because I can scan and save receipts through the app).

San Diego’s current weather. I know, I know, climate change and global warming and El Nino and all that jazz (believe me, I know). But damn, when it hits 80 in the middle of February? It’s like getting that perfect June/July weather without the June Gloom marine layer that makes it overcast and muggy in the mornings. Lately, I’ve been thinking that maybe I kinda want to move to a place with those things people call “seasons,” like Denver or Boston or something. The past week or so, I’m like “nahhh.” Scuse me, I’m off to the beach.

The 1 Second Everyday app. I heard about this concept a couple years ago, and tried to start taking a couple seconds of video everyday, just thinking “oh, I’ll totally upload these to iMovie and cut and splice them together.” That lasted all of 3 days. Then I heard about this app (from Elise) and decided to give it another shot. I’m two weeks into it and so far, I’ve been able to keep up with shooting a quick video everyday. It makes it so easy to upload the videos to the app and cut them down to one second, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the video builds and grows over the year.

Speaking of Elise, the Get to Work Book. It’s probably the first planner I’ve used consistently for going on eight months now, which is a feat in and of itself. I don’t get the full use out of it (I skip over a lot of the project planning and “reflect and goal set” spreads), but the weekly layout works for me and I have every intention of continuing to use it.

Hiking. I’ve gone on some good ones lately, namely to Daley Ranch in Escondido and Bernardo Mountain and Morena Butte. And now that Husband is finally done with his architecture licensing exams and doesn’t have to dedicate almost all of his free time to studying, we’ll be able to get outdoors even more!

Other little things I’m loving…that spring training is nearly upon us…getting back to weekly beach runs with Onyx…weekends at my grandparents’ houseWarriors basketball (48-4 whaaaat)…Mango IPAs from Belching Beaver and Ballast Point (pleeeeeeease start bottling those, one of you, pleeeeease)…this shirt that I finally bought…planning to declutter my closet and bathroom and who knows what else next week…one of the top 10 burgers I’ve ever had…reading this book…planning several super-fun trips this spring/summer, including a Harry Potter/Disney weekend with my best friend for our 30th birthdays…

What are you loving this month?