Extra, Extra…featured

I’ve started another blog over on my professional site.

Once a week (Wednesdays, for now), I’m sharing a post about writing, or running a small business, or online marketing, or something related to at least one of those topics.

If that sounds like something that might interest you, I’d love for you to check it out right here. My current “archive” looks something like this:


3 Reasons Why YOU Need to Do Your Own Social Media on AllisonKeltner.com

A Webinar by Any Other Name...Can Be Astoundingly More Effective on AllisonKeltner.com

It's Okay Not to Say No on AllisonKeltner.com

Questions to Ask When You Feel Like Quitting on AllisonKeltner.com

Balancing Creativity with Clarity on AllisonKeltner.com

That’s all for now. Go enjoy your weekend.

Update August 2017 – I’ve switched over the Squarespace so all those posts are (maybe temporarily) removed. But I am blogging on Squarespace and you can find it through the links above.


  • Your website looks amazing! I’m so in awe, I LOVE it Allison! It’s witty, personal yet professional, and so convincing, I would hire you in a heartbeat. Your ABOUT page is top notch, great photo and so well written! 5 stars!!

  • Good luck with that site, too! The website looks sharp!