Wishlist: All the Blingfeatured

For all that I’ve struggled to really define my style when it comes to clothes, I think I’ve always been much more sure of myself when it comes to jewelry and accessories.

This may be surprising, considering I’m not a girly girl, but back in the dorms, freshman year, I was the one other girls came to for help with accessorizing when getting ready to go out. I was (and still am) useless when it came to makeup; putting together outfits wasn’t my thing (for most of the parties I went to freshman year, I was wearing jeans and a simple cami or tank top). But I wasn’t terrible at picking out the right necklaces or earrings to finish off a look.

I don’t buy a lot of jewelry these days, since I rarely put anything on unless I leave the apartment to do something other than run or work out, but I can never help at least browsing the racks of earrings and necklaces. And I love, love, love perusing the wares at street and art fairs. That’s where it gets really hard for me to resist forking over some cash. I have a problem there, though, because I always talk myself into buying rings or bracelets, which I still just don’t wear that much. (The bracelets are changing a little bit as I seek to accessorize my Fitbit better.) Necklaces and earrings have always been my thing.

WIshlist: All Things Bling {the ponytail diaries}

I like silver, not gold (very rarely gold). I still like color, but with jewelry it’s more muted, because I generally prefer precious metals, gemstones, and natural materials (leather) to bright sparkly bangles. I swing between delicate, minimalist shapes and bohemian-ish styles, mostly.

These are all from shops I’ve found on Instagram or Etsy. Don’t tell my husband just how much jewelry I’m coveting (at least it’s not a bunch of big ass diamonds?). Anyway, it’s probably too late to order something for Valentine’s Day, but who says you need a holiday to treat yourself?


Wishlist: Indie Jewelry Makers {the ponytail diaries}

Designs by Annette (book cover earrings) (Because English nerd, through and through) | Hey June! (gold heart earrings) (I got one of their necklaces for my mom for Christmas — with the my and my brother’s birthstones all together. And one with a September birthstone [for my wedding anniversary] for myself. So pretty!) | Lily Sharon (crochet beaded anklet) | Tribe & True (kingman turquoise cuff) (made by Native Americans, which is awesome)
indie-jewelry-wishlist2Dogeared (silver love necklace) | We Love California (silver california heart necklace) | Wish You Were Northwest (the mountains are calling necklace) (I told Husband I needed this and he said “Are you sure you know what that word means?” Um, YES.) | Oh My Clumsy Heart (baby bertha necklace)



Wayfaring Art (mini leather journal necklace) | Mieroglyphs (tiger) (These come with quotations inscribed on the cork backing. Each style has a “standard” quote or you can customize it with your own. I love this concept so, so much.) | Hole in Her Stocking (turquoise wood gold eclectic boho wrap) | Tiny Devotions (warrior mala) (It has onyx stones, so, you know)



Feral Strumpet (hop pendant) | Mimi & Lu (remi necklace) | NINOTCHKA (two states necklace) (It comes with any two states you pick, but totally need this one specifically for me and my Texas-born husband) | Hoptimistic (kathleen hops necklace) (That bead is made from hops. WHAT. I don’t even know how that happens but that’s amazing.)