State of the Blog, Life, and Everything Else

State of the Blog, Life, and Everything Elsefeatured

I have been scattered lately, guys. All over the place, trying to do twelve things at once and struggling to decide what to say no to and what to say yes to and not always resisting temptation to say yes when I should say no and vice versa.

So I’m trying to just collect my thoughts and figure out where I’m at and…this is what I’ve got.

State of the Blog, Life, and Everything Else {the ponytail diaries}


I’m slogging through Moby Dick. Man, that book. When there’s actual action happening, it’s pretty great, but then, there’s like…six pages on the phrenology of the sperm whale and I’m like huh whaaa? I’m currently racing to finish it before it’s due back at the library because I’ve already renewed it twice and I’m pretty sure that’s the limit.

I started The Ramblers, thinking I’d dip into it here and there, on my lunch breaks or whatever, but quickly decided I wanted to wait until I could really dive into it, so it’s waiting patiently until the white whale has been conquered.

State of the Blog, Life, and Everything Else {the ponytail diaries}


I’m finally at the point where I’d rather drive to a trail than run on the roads around my apartment. I used to think Oh it’s so much quicker and more efficient to knock out three to five miles right here instead of driving to the trail and back… but my hip and knee don’t hurt as much on trails (I’m still aggressively foam-rolling and yoga-ing in an attempt to not have to see a doctor because of that) and I kinda hate dealing with drivers and pedestrians and stoplights and cyclists and all the BS that comes with running on roads. Give me an open trail or the beach at low tide any day. Luckily I have several options that are just short drives away.

Also, I raced last weekend! That was fun. 6th female, 2nd in my age group, but most important, I got to drink Lagunitas before 8 am (and scored some sweet Lagunitas swag in the form of posters, sunglasses, and magnets). #winning

State of the Blog, Life, and Everything Else {the ponytail diaries}


Speaking of racing and Lagunitas, my race was the Giant Race in Scottsdale. I spent last weekend running around the greater Phoenix area with my uncle, cousins, and brothers scoping out the young studs and live arms. We may or may not have accidentally wandered into the Angels’ minor league may or may not have unknowingly walked behind signs saying “NO ADMITTANCE ANGELS PERSONNEL ONLY.” For the record we were quite obviously not supposed to be there (two of us wearing Giants shirts and hats and the other wearing a Rockies shirt) but no one really seemed to care.

Giants’ spring training tickets seem to be, on average, 3-4 times more expensive than every other teams’ tickets (that’s the cost of winning. WHAT), so originally we weren’t going to see any of their games, but on Saturday, when the options were either the Dodgers or Rockies, I randomly found a girl selling an extra Giants ticket on Twitter and jumped on it. It wasn’t a fantastic game but Mac Williamson did absolutely crush two home runs to left-center and Juan Ciriaco, who’s basically a nobody on the AA team (I think?) made a pretty impressive leaping catch at third. So, all in all, worth it.

AND I’m going back this weekend with friends. Yes, I was tempted to just find an AirBnB or something and stay through the week on my own, but…I didn’t want to be away from Onyx that long. Or my husband. But mainly Onyx.

Baseball, guys. Life is better during baseball season.

And! 7th Inning Stretch won’t be making a comeback this year, but I’m excited to join in Kasey and P.J.’s new Can of Corn link-up starting this month!

State of the Blog, Life, and Everything Else {the ponytail diaries}


8 am Lagunitas aside, I’ve finally realized/accepted, sadly, that drinking more than a beer or glass of wine at night makes the following morning much more unpleasant than it has to be. So I’ve largely stopped drinking during the week (if I do, I have exactly one beer or reasonably-poured glass of wine fairly early and then chug a bunch of water) and, to no real surprise, have found it’s slightly easier to drag my ass out of bed in the mornings. Responsible, grown-up choices, people.

In other news, my 30th birthday is less than three months away.

(Just to be clear, it’s not like I was getting blitzed every night. But it wasn’t uncommon for me to have two or three beers after I put my laptop down for the night or two very generously-poured glasses of wine.)

In other news, now that Husband FINALLY has his architecture license, he has some more time on his hands, so we’re able to brew again. We’re also talking about a self-imposed crazy, massive, insane homebrewing challenge I’ll talk about more soon…once we’ve got some details hammered out.

State of the Blog, Life, and Everything Else {the ponytail diaries}

Other Life Updates

I de-cluttered my closet a couple weeks ago. I went through literally every piece of clothing I owned and, as ruthlessly as possible, separated stuff out if it no longer fits or doesn’t make me feel good when I put it on. I didn’t go full Marie Kondo, but it was about as close as I’ll get.

However, while I did work my way through all my clothes in one weekend, I ran out of time to actually put them back in my closet/dresser. They have been piled on top of my dresser for two weeks now. (The stuff that’s getting given away/re-sold/donated is folded neatly…on the floor next to my bed.) And will probably stay that way for…um, almost two more. My husband is a saint, by the way.

State of the Blog, Life, and Everything Else {the ponytail diaries}


This, guys, has been good. It’s been why I’ve been so scattered with blogging lately, but it’s been good. I spent most of January and February doing some hard thinking about my current goals (which are basically “make more money” and “establish myself as a credible writer”), which led to shifting some priorities and making room in my schedule to go all in on those. What’s amazing is that after two or three weeks of feeling like I was spinning my wheels and not quite getting into the groove I was hoping, all of a sudden, things started clicking and a slew of opportunities got dropped in my lap. And I was like hell yes but also shit, how am I going to get all this done? so it’s been a little crazy. But in a really good way.

What’s new with you??

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