currently… {april 16}

currently… {april 16}featured

Yeah, this was supposed to go up last week. Or the week before that. I don’t remember. Blogging has not been a high priority lately, what can I say? It’s another identity crisis I’ve been having.

currently... {april 2016}

clockwise from top left: art at quartyard; jasmine + bougainvillea passing onyx’s inspection; tea that comes with a quote; my new favorite coffee shop that, sadly, is all the way up in north county; homemade pizookie for husband’s birthday; flight at pure project; get to work book packaging; curled up and centered

April was all about…

loving | taking Onyx to Dog Beach and following it up with pizza + beer. The outfit I ordered on a “new member special” from Fabletics, surprisingly. I actually wound up keeping the membership open and plan to just “skip” each month until they have a special sale or I decide I desperately need a new sports bra or running capris or something. Hoppy Yoga. My new Get to Work Book. I think this is the first time ever I’ve reordered a planner/organizer after using it for a year. My new handbag that I scored with a 40% off coupon — a month shy of turning 30 and I finally have a fancy, grown-up handbag.

drinking | this tea. IT IS SO GOOD. I love going to stores that aren’t even fancy tea shops, like World Market or whatever, and browsing their tea selection. I even hit up the tea aisles of Target and the grocery store just in case they have something new/interesting/on sale. I found this a few months ago at Vons and now it’s a little ridiculous how fast I’m going through it.

wishing | kinda sorta for just a slight crash in the housing market in a couple months so Husband and I can afford a decent two-bedroom condo in our neighborhood. I mean, not really, because I’m not an economist and don’t know anything about the long-term effects that would cause and they probably wouldn’t be good. Alternatively, to win the lottery or randomly inherit the fortune of some long-lost and previously unknown to us relative. I love California with all my heart, but these housing prices…

quitting | the gym, as I finally admit to myself that I just really, really hate driving over there, stowing my stuff in a locker, navigating around the weight room, retrieving my stuff from the locker, and driving home, and I’d rather just use YouTube videos and bodyweight workouts at home that take less than half the time. Also, cable, soon. Eek.

climbing | a little. We got a one-month trial membership to an indoor rock climbing gym (that I think we’re going to keep) and I’ve spent a few sessions nervously working my way up and down the baby routes. I really enjoy it (and figure that kind of “weight training” also cancels out the need for a gym membership), except I’m more than a little terrified of falling and screwing up my knee again, so I’m overly cautious. Getting up on the easier routes isn’t too bad, but having to climb back down freaks me out. I much prefer top-route climbing for that reason.

organizing | gmail. I spent the better part of two hours recently setting up filters so all the newsletters and stuff I get go straight to folders instead of filling up my inbox. I’m not sure if it’s really help me or making me productive or anything yet, but I’m no longer seeing the unread email number change in the tab and clicking over thinking it might be something from a client (I really, really should just start closing the damn tab when I’m working on anything where I don’t need to have it open. And my desk. Every week, it seems I get to Wednesday afternoon or Thursday and just start to drag and feel tired and convince myself that getting rid of or organizing every scrap of paper in my workspace will energize me.

watching | baseball is back, of course, and the NBA play-offs are in full swing. I’ve started sporadically watching Parks & Rec on Netflix. Oh, and a couple weeks ago I binge-watched all the Tiny House Hunters episodes they had on Netflix and just rolled my eyes and laughed the whole time. My favorite was the family of six (6!!) who “budgeted about 100 square feet per person.” Not 100 square feet of personal space per person, but a 600 square foot house. I think our apartment is like 690 square feet and I won’t even consider raising one little baby here.

What have you been up to?