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Okay guys, I’m trying link round-ups (again) with a new format (again). Think of these as fun weekend to-do lists—stuff I’ve either watched, read, listened to, bought, etc. lately or stuff I want or plan on watching, reading, listening to, buying, etc. in the future.

San Diego has rain in the forecast (again) this weekend and our planned camping trip got canceled, so I’m planning to buckle down and work on a bunch of random, nagging tasks that I never have time for during the week. Super fun stuff like organizing my Google Drive (because it takes me forever to find anything in there) and maybe finally figuring out Trello (because people keep telling me it’ll change my business life).


You know what my husband and I did a couple weeks ago? We had three very lazy at-home date nights and re-watched the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. The first one (currently on Netflix) is still the best, the second one is a mess, but the third one totally redeems everything. Johnny Depp may be a troublesome figure these days, and I’m not sure how I feel about a fifth movie coming out, but Captain Jack Sparrow is still one of the most fun characters to watch.


Just…all of these. Yep. I love my state.


You know how you randomly look at something online—on your laptop—and then 15 seconds later pick up your phone to check Instagram and see an ad for that thing in your feed? If that creeps you out, and you want to get a better handle on why that happens and what you can do about it, listen to Note to Self’s Privacy Paradox series from last week. Even if you don’t care about how those ads follow you around the Internet, it’s worth a listen. (If you’re really motivated to do something after listening to the 5—short!—episodes, they’ve got a handy tip sheet with loads of resources.)


In San Diego? You should totally sign up for Hana’s Mala Making Workshop next weekend! I got a little obsessed with malas last year and went to one of her workshops last fall and it was so fun. Hana is the sweetest and really creates a wonderful atmosphere and seriously, you should just do it. (Also, after making one myself, I totally get why handmade ones on Etsy are so expensive. They really do take a long time.) All the supplies are included in the price.

Not in San Diego? You can get one of these kits to make your own.


Artist Marta Spendowska, who I found through Tiffany Han’s awesome podcast. Such colors! Much pretty!


With this weekend’s wet forecast, I’m thinking this should be on my menu. Unfortunately for poor Onyx who’s scared of the slow cooker.


After Christmas, I lost my running sunglasses and got (another) cheap pair from Target to replace them. After a couple runs and a hike in them, I concluded that they sucked—they bounced on my nose and fogged up constantly so they were basically useless. I was seriously considering finally splurging on a pair of Oakleys or another more high-end brand when I flipped through an issue of Runner’s World from a couple months ago that highlight Goodr sunglasses. I ordered a pair (the “flamingoes on a booze cruise” colorway if you were wondering) that day and I looooove them. Sign up for their email list before ordering and you’ll get 10% off and free shipping.

That’s it. Get out and enjoy your weekend!