Photo Challenge May 2017: Look Upfeatured

I do this thing, when I’m trying to get certain photos for a theme or prompt or challenge, where I think ahead about possible opportunities to get cool shots. Like this month, Husband and I went to a Rangers/Padres game and I thought oh, I can get some cool photos of the stadium or something. And then we go to the game and I got my standard “taking in the field with my feet propped up in front of me” shot and completely forgot to look for something different and more interesting.

And then when I’m doing something completely unremarkable, I’ll suddenly think oh yeah, photo challenge and whip out my phone and shoot something quick and go back to whatever I’m doing.

This is the only one that doesn’t more traditionally follow the theme. But Onyx is looking up—at a squirrel that had run about 10 feet up the tree and was chattering away at us. No joke, we hung out there for a good five minutes while she sat patiently and waited for the squirrel to come down and face her. The squirrel, of course, was a big coward and stayed well out of reach.

A couple times this month, when my neighbors were actually being quiet, I worked outside in the morning. I love this tree. We planted it as a sapling about five years ago and it’s just shot up. Earlier in the spring it was covered with beautiful orchid flowers.

I think this is my favorite shot. I held my phone down and tilted it back and forth while tapping the shutter, having no idea I’d capture those sun rays so perfectly.

I would love to be able to hang out on the roof of the central library all day to capture all the different angles and shadows of the metal dome structure that sits on top of it.

I spent last weekend in LA for my cousin’s high school graduation. I love my grandparents’ backyard so, so much. This is looking straight up at the trellis that covers part of the patio. They have a separate dining room that only gets used for holidays and a small dining table in the kitchen that’s always covered with all sorts of stuff—stacks of newspapers and magazines, bags and baskets of fruit, bags of chips and crackers, the cookies and brownies my aunt seems to bake nightly—so when we’re visiting, this is where we eat most of our meals and spend most of our time.

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  • These are FANTASTIC! You were very creative with the topic. My favorite, of course, is Onyx! I have a lab mix that would sit FOREVER waiting on a squirrel. I SO GET THAT! 🙂

    • Thanks Katherine! One of her missions in life is to rid the neighborhood of those meddlesome squirrels 🙂

  • DMae

    Yeah, my photos are part planning part serendipity, too. You caught your beautiful dog’s anticipation and perplexity perfectly, Allison. I appreciate everything about the flowers and sunrays shot. Color, perspective, and composition are very appealing. Wise of you to preserve memories of people and places like your grandparents backyard. -Timothy (using Donna’s account)

    • Thanks Timothy – I was trying a little to capture places that evoke certain memories and not worry as much about the objective quality of the photo.

  • Lisa

    Awesome shots for this month’s theme! I love the shot of the flowers and sun rays. And, an orchid tree? SCORE! The last shot is very poignant and filled with wonderful memories.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s an orchid tree at least? I swear I heard someone call it that once so I’ve just gone with it. It’s beautiful in full bloom, whatever it is!

  • GeoKs

    Maybe not cowardly, but definitely an inconsiderate squirrel for not coming back down to play with Onyx! Too bad you have to wait for your neighbours to be quiet to enjoy some time outside. When that happens around our place, I usually just fire up my iPod with a good playlist or audiobook and that blocks them out. I really like the mix of architecture and nature in your shots this month. Great job!

    • I’ve considered getting noise-canceling headphones but I don’t want to completely block out all the noise around me. I have been known to take a portable speaker outside and point it at the neighbors’ windows though… thanks!

  • Tamara Gerber

    Padres? San Diego Padres?
    Very nice, spring / almost summer pictures! Love me some blue California sky!

  • I think these are five really good shots for the theme. I’d agree with your favorite. That is a very cool shot. The sun, and the flowers. Just a nice combo. And the pup looking up… you can tell there’s some thoughts going through the mind there …