Weekend List 5.12.17

Weekend List 5.12.17featured

So, this week — the past couple weeks — have been interesting. I feel like I’m in a major something with my business. I don’t know if it’s a transformation, a transition, a growth period, a rethinking or retooling, or what. I do know that I’ve been juggling all the “working in my business” tasks that have to get done (current client work and so on) with the “working on my business” tasks and it’s not an easy balance. Most days I sit down to work and feel like I have absolutely no idea what I should be doing or want to be doing, so I turn to what I “have” to do and that’s only getting me so far, you know? Like I know I need to go somewhere with my business and I know there are certain steps I need to take to get there, and I want to take those steps, but if I don’t have any clue what that somewhere is there’s no way for me to figure out which steps I should take.

Sorry. I’ve been talking to myself a lot this week. I should get out more.

I went out to the Rangers/Padres game with Husband this week. I went to get an ice cream sandwich in the 7th or 8th inning and it was literally the only concession stand with a line in the entire park.



This will not be the last time you hear about this from me — Husband and I have started watching The West Wing on Netflix and I. Am. Obsessed. I didn’t watch it back when it originally aired so it’s pretty much a brand-new show to me and it’s so good.


Ahh, this is so beautiful and so true:

I’m not quite sure how I went from being a glamorous creature of fire and mystery, someone who was on my way to MAKING it, to me. Cooking mac and cheese for my kids and then wincing when they put ketchup on it. Wiping, washing, folding, chauffeuring.

It’s exactly what I want. I chose it wholeheartedly, and I will keep choosing it again and again.

But I also feel a little lost.


It seems like everyone I meet is surprised to hear that Hanson is still actively touring and making music. This is my latest get pumped tune.

Yoga on the Midway! One of my favorite free fitness events in San Diego.


Super simple DIY: I’m gonna try this on a couple basic old tanks I have from American Eagle.


Lady sports fans, are you subscribed to The Relish? You should. Twice-a-week newsletter with a quick round-up of the biggest sports stories, written by female fans for female fans.


I’m making these tonight. The post compares them to unicorn poop, so if they taste delicious and I end up making them again and again, that is what I will call them every time.

“Oh, what are you bringing to the bake sale?”

“Unicorn poop. They’re freaking delicious.”


I really want to go to one of these workshops in San Diego, but I’m possibly going to be out of town that weekend.

Also, I want literally all of the “RUN ALL THE MILES …” tanks. Every single one of them.

Okay, here’s your weekly picture of Onyx:

Patio time

Have a great weekend!