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I saw this concept for a post on the blog A Design So Vast when Aidan linked to it a couple months back. I loved the idea and decided, as we bloggers do, to borrow it. Appropriate it, as one of my college photography professors would say.

It’s a nice exercise.

Happy pair

Earlier this year, I tried to set up all my work tasks and stuff in Trello. I liked it, but it’s just a little too clunky for me (mainly, I don’t like that I have to physically move, say, cards that pertain to this week’s tasks to a single board to see them all at once, then move them back to various client or project boards when I’m done with them). So last week I set up an account with Asana and so far, I think it’ll work better for me. But I need more time (after my upcoming trip to the East Coast) to really sit down and work with it.

So. Many. Boxes. Husband’s coworkers came through big-time and have been dropping off boxes at his desk for the past couple weeks. And God bless him, he already has over half our living room and kitchen packed up (I walked in last night after walking Onyx to see him packing up wine glasses and said “Um, I was gonna finish that bottle of Pinot Grigio tonight.” His response: “I left out one white glass and one red glass.” Thanks babe…).

Changing addresses
I am not looking forward to dealing with all the change of address forms. I tried to just make a list of all the accounts and stuff we’ll have to change and gave up about 20 items in.

However, I’m very much looking forward to decorating and furnishing our new place. Especially my office. It has been so hard not to fall down the Ikea, Hayneedle, West Elm, etc. rabbit hole.

I still don’t know exactly what escrow is or why it’s a thing when you buy real estate, but we’re…in it…or whatever…right now. I don’t know. I always thought of it as a time period, but our realtor talks about it like it’s a physical place, as in “That’s over at escrow.”

Specifically expanding ours. No plans are imminent, but my main excuse for not having a kid has been “There’s no room for a baby in our apartment right now.” I need to come up with something else now…

We would not have been able to buy our new place without some serious generosity from my parents and I’m forever grateful for it—not just for their gift, but for everything they’ve done to put themselves and us in this position.

Hidden Figures
Reading this now. It’s going slow but I’m enjoying it so far.

Iced cold brew at home
I’ve gotten slightly addicted to iced vanilla coffee lately, so I finally bought a jug of cold brew and a small bottle of simple syrup at Vons last week so I don’t need to go to Starbucks constantly.

Jury duty
I got a summons a few weeks ago…for the day I’m leaving on my trip. Now, we’re taking a red-eye that leaves at 10 at night, so I was seriously considering going down there and telling the judge that I won’t be in the state tomorrow so don’t bother putting me on a jury, but I know I’ll be running around like a crazy person packing and dealing with last minute work stuff all day. So…deferred! Hopefully I can find another excuse in four months.

I just realized you can email PDFs to a certain address and Amazon will convert them so you can read them on your Kindle. I tried it for one PDF so far, and the formatting is a little janky, but this is awesome because I have a bunch of ebooks in PDF format on my computer that I might actually read if they’re on my Kindle.

Always looking for more.

I want one right now. That’s all.

I’m going to be so sad to leave our neighborhood. I love it here, so much, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about our new neighborhood, but still. It’s gonna be hard to leave.

Onyx’s walks
Quite often, these are my favorite times of day. I’ve actually been studying Google maps of our new area to figure out where our new routes might be.

I both love and hate that this has become such a big part of my life. It’s probably good I’m taking more time to get informed, but damn, it’s such a terrible onslaught of shit lately.

The business goals I had set earlier this year—if they’re really realistic or the best course of action for me.

Stuff to do in Pittsburgh, Philly, and New York. Accepting suggestions…

Sesame noodles
This has become a weekly staple the past few months. So good.

My happy place more than ever. Mission Trails and Penasquitos Canyon have been particular favorites lately.

Already looking forward to this.

Half of July, you guys. I’ll be out of town for half of July—the first week and the last week.

Writing groups
I’ve been going to one where we just show up and write in response to a provided prompt. By next year, I’d like to find and join one that’s more of a read and critique group (this will mean I’ll be actively working on at least one sizable fiction project).

Xiao long bao
AKA Chinese soup dumplings. Delicious. I’m sad it took me almost 30 years to try them.

I’m itching to start knitting again. I have a couple half-finished projects that I set aside…at least a year ago?

We decided to re-activate our San Diego Zoo membership! (After the move is official so I can sign up with our new address because see “C.”) The zoo itself is cool, but I mainly want to use this to finally visit the Safari Park.