Summer 2017featured

So, here’s the thing.

A few weeks ago, I got a spurt of inspiration to do…something…anything…creative and new and different. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of my workday, and as much as I’d like to perpetuate the myth that freelancers always work completely on their own schedules and can follow such whims…well, at least I don’t work that way. Deadlines and client obligations and all.

So instead of running to Michael’s and the fabric store, I waited until I took a break for lunch and…opened up Pinterest. My Pinterest boards are kind of a mess (one day I’ll figure out how to “use them effectively for my blog/business” and re-do the boards and, I don’t know, start paying for Tailwind or whatever), but I do have a handful of boards where I’ve pinned DIY and craft projects and tutorials over the years.

I pulled out my Get To Work Book project pad and started writing down DIY projects that caught my eye.

I was all excited. At least half of the “projects” were the kind that could, with a little advance planning, be done in a weekend. I’ve been tired of my weekends being mostly plan- and direction-less lately, and this would give me some goals to at least work towards over the next few months.

Then…my husband and I put in an offer on a condo, and it actually got accepted, and as things stand now, we’re moving in July. Also, we have two family trips coming up at the beginning and end of July. So…I have no idea if I’ll actually get anything on that list done.

(Seriously, pray for me next month. I have no idea how I’ll survive all that plus my normal workload. I really don’t.)

Honestly—one of the (many) things that excites me most about the (potential, don’t want to get ahead of myself; I’ve seen escrow periods not end well before) move is we’re going from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom, which means I get my OWN OFFICE WITH WALLS AND A DOOR. And this office will have a decent-sized closet, which means I think we’ll finally have room for some fun craft supplies. Part of what frequently stops me from doing crafty stuff like this is lack of space and supplies (or the supplies we do have are scattered in random places all over the apartment). So possibly I’ll be able to tackle some of these in August and September once things start to settle a bit:

Summer 2017: DIY plans & a short bucket list

  • Bleach-dye tank tops
  • Paint wine bottles (my goal is a Santa, reindeer, and snowman by Christmas. I’m sure each one will take several attempts)
  • Make a fabric cover for my Kindle
  • Nail/string art
  • Clay key ornaments (definitely doing this one, like, this weekend because the whole point is to have one for each place we live)
  • Make a dreamcatcher
  • Make a keys/leash rack sorta like this one
  • Make (at least start) a photo book
  • Make a proper monitor stand (instead of using a precarious stack of books)
  • Actually use the watercolor paints I purchased, like, two years ago

Other (not necessarily crafty) things I want/plan to do:

  • Taste of Adams (biiiiig maybe since it’s this Sunday and will very much depend on how much we get done, packing-wise and stuff)
  • River rafting in Tahoe
  • Hiking—explore new trails (Kanaka Flat, Elfin Forest, Palomar Mountain?)
  • At least one camping trip
  • Paddleboard
  • Finally pick the photos for our wedding album
  • Play with my DSLR (using ideas and projects from this book and this book)
  • De-clutter and donate stuff from my closet, bookshelves, office area, etc. (this one kinda has to get done because I am NOT just boxing up everything and bringing it to the new place)

And! The first July trip is a whirlwind through Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and NYC. I’m looking for recommendations for running routes, walking tours, breweries, places to eat, and can’t-miss spots for each, so hit me up.