The Month That Was: July 2017featured

Whew. It’s been awhile since a month was as crazy for me as July was. It start with my family trip to the East Coast, ended with a blissful week in Lake Tahoe, and oh yeah, we moved in the middle.

I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I was one of those people who couldn’t read in cars.

I’ve got a few massive photo-dump posts coming of the trip, so here are just a few of the adventure. Fallingwater…

On the way through rural Pennsylvania, we saw a real-life Lil’ Sebastian and my brother stopped the car and turned around so we could get a picture.

We demolished these.

PA overlook

We need some practice with the kissing selfies.

Gettysburg was overwhelming.

Drinks in Philly.

Independence Hall

Husband had to leave early (he had this silly thing called “work” to get back to), so we’re gonna Photoshop him into this one.


Lady Liberty

I could very happily live on nothing but New York pizza.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Rain delay at Yankee Stadium. Luckily we were under the overhang.


So no one told you life was gonna be this waaaaaay…

Subway art


I miss our lime tree SO MUCH. I think she does too.

After moving, we got dinner at Lazy Dog and met this little nugget. It was hard getting a photo because he wouldn’t sit still.

First night

Settling in


I’ll never get tired of this.

Family hike to Eagle Falls and Eagle Lake

It was just a little pretty.

My little mountain dog


This is my uncle and his dog, Chance. Chance and Onyx are basically opposites in personality but they get along great.

We spent part of one day in Virginia City, which is a quirky little town. Nice views, though.



Margaritas on the beach are tradition.

There’s a creek a short walk from the house.

Sunset on the beach

Keeping watch

#railfanning in Mojave (It’s an ongoing joke with my cousin)

The nearest library is just a 10-minute walk from me now. I got a little excited…

I also played with my DSLR during that beach sunset.