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San Diego Self-Guided Brewery Tours: Miramar

San Diego Self-Guided Brewery Tours: Miramarfeatured

San Diego County has something like 115 operating breweries. I don’t know if that number is *just* breweries, or if it includes satellite tasting rooms and brewpubs, but no matter what, it’s a lot. And more are opening all the time — I’ve heard it said that you could visit one brewery a week in San Diego Read more

Into the Pint Glass: Mead

Into the Pint Glass: Meadfeatured

GUYS. It’s the last Into the Pint Glass link-up. I’m late as usual (dragging it out for our awesome hosts, Mariah and Katie, you’re welcome guys). For this last round, we’re venturing outside of beer again to sample some mead. I don’t…think…I’ve ever had mead. I’m seriously sitting here trying to remember if I ever Read more

Into the Pint Glass: Pumpkin Beer

Into the Pint Glass: Pumpkin Beerfeatured

Ehm. I…might…have gone a little bit overboard for this Into the Pint Glass. I swear I didn’t drink these all at once (although how glorious does that sound? Now I want to, like, create a Hocus Pocus drinking game with pumpkin beer). I’m not even sorry, though. Purists may hate on it, but I get Read more

Into the Pint Glass: Brown Ale

Into the Pint Glass: Brown Alefeatured

It’s the third-to-last Into the Pint Glass! I’m pretty bummed about this link-up ending, not gonna lie — but don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the beer-related posts won’t stop anytime soon. I’ve got more than a few ideas brewing here (pun very obviously intended). So! This time we’re drinking brown ales, which is yet another Read more

Into the Pint Glass: Bock

Into the Pint Glass: Bockfeatured

I had to visit not one, but two bottle shops to find something suitable for this round of Into the Pint Glass. Who would’ve thought that bocks would be so hard to find? And I still couldn’t find a true, regular bock, but I figured Mariah and Katie wouldn’t be too picky with this one. The Read more

Into the Pint Glass: Hefeweizen

Into the Pint Glass: Hefeweizenfeatured

I’m a little late this time, but we’re diving Into the Pint Glass again with Mariah and Katie! This time – hefeweizens. So, a little earlier, I learned that many beers I think of as hefes are actually witbiers. To my understanding, hefeweizens and witbiers are basically the same thing, except hefes (or weissbiers) are German Read more

Into the Pint Glass: American Lager

Into the Pint Glass: American Lagerfeatured

I have to admit, I panicked a little when I checked what style we were trying for Into the Pint Glass this week. I knew Mariah and Katie had picked “American Lager” for us, but not being too familiar with that style, I googled it first to get an idea of what to look for Read more

Into the Pint Glass: Ciderfeatured

I’m linking up with Mariah and Katie again for Into the Pint Glass! This time, we’re giving ciders a try. I…know absolutely nothing about ciders, and I don’t drink them much (or ever). I don’t have anything against them, per se; I just never choose a cider over beer. So go check out the girls’ Read more

Into the Pint Glass: Pale Ale

Into the Pint Glass: Pale Alefeatured

You’d think I’d be used to this by now. I go to the bottle shop, ready to buy a beer or two in the style Mariah and Katie have selected for Into the Pint Glass…and find next to nothing. In that style, at least. Instead, the shelves seem to be overflowing with the previous style. I don’t Read more

Into the Pint Glass: Witbier

Into the Pint Glass: Witbierfeatured

It’s time for the next round of Into the Pint Glass — this time, we’re drinking and sharing and talking about witbiers. Now, honestly, witbier is one of those lesser-known styles that I know I’ve had before (Allagash White Ale comes to mind) and know that I generally like, but couldn’t really tell you much about the Read more