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The Month That Was: July 2017featured

Whew. It’s been awhile since a month was as crazy for me as July was. It start with my family trip to the East Coast, ended with a blissful week in Lake Tahoe, and oh yeah, we moved in the middle. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I was one of those people who Read more


Ode to My First Grown-Up Homefeatured

For my entire college career (and then some), the longest I stayed in one place was 12 months. The timeline was roughly: September 2004 – June 2005: Cal Poly’s dorms (Yosemite Tower 10!) June 2005 – June 2006: Two-bedroom apartment off campus June 2006 – August 2006: Back with my parents August 2006 – May Read more


ABCs of Right Nowfeatured

I saw this concept for a post on the blog A Design So Vast when Aidan linked to it a couple months back. I loved the idea and decided, as we bloggers do, to borrow it. Appropriate it, as one of my college photography professors would say. It’s a nice exercise. Asana Earlier this year, Read more


A Somewhat Ridiculous Round-Up of Writing Promptsfeatured

I’ve been collecting writing prompts…at least since middle school. At the moment, I have literally thousands of writing prompts—everything from fiction prompts like “Write a story about…” to blog and journaling prompts like “What’s in your dream home?” And they’re scattered all over—in my Bookmarks folder, on Pinterest, in my email, somewhere in my hard Read more


Summer 2017featured

So, here’s the thing. A few weeks ago, I got a spurt of inspiration to do…something…anything…creative and new and different. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of my workday, and as much as I’d like to perpetuate the myth that freelancers always work completely on their own schedules and can follow such whims…well, at least Read more


What I Do When I Walk My Dog (part 2)featured

More podcasts! Oh, I wasn’t close to done last week. Planet Money This is an NPR show so you might already have heard it on your radio. Episodes are usually pretty short (around 20 minutes) and focused on some aspect of the economy. They’ll do things like actually set up an offshore bank account to Read more


What I Do When I Walk My Dogfeatured

I listen to podcasts. We go out, she sniffs all her bushes and pees on stuff and I’m constantly fiddling with my earbuds. I listen to a ton of podcasts. It’s a little ridiculous. So ridiculous, I’m splitting this post into two parts. I’d like to be hipster and pretend I’ve been listening them before Read more


Dear High School Graduate…featured

I have a cousin who graduated from high school over Memorial Day Weekend. This post isn’t necessarily for her, because she’s smart and active and kind and beautiful and will absolutely crush it at college. This is for 18-year-old Allison, more than anything, and for anyone else wondering what lies ahead in the next four Read more


Sometimes, You Just Gotta Be Outragedfeatured

When I was in junior high and my dad drove me to school, we listened to the local sports talk radio. A couple times a week, they had a regular guest who’d call in for 15-20 minute segment to basically shoot the shit about whatever was going on in the sports world. I distinctly remember Read more

Weekend List 5.12.17

Weekend List 5.12.17featured

So, this week — the past couple weeks — have been interesting. I feel like I’m in a major something with my business. I don’t know if it’s a transformation, a transition, a growth period, a rethinking or retooling, or what. I do know that I’ve been juggling all the “working in my business” tasks Read more