Recent-ish Book Reportfeatured

Let’s catch up on the book front. Around the end of 2016 and this year, I’ve been making even more of an effort to make time for reading every day. I moved the apps on my phone around so the Kindle app is ahead of Instagram and I’m trying to open that instead of Instagram Read more


An Incomplete List of Things My Dog Dislikesfeatured

The slow cooker The waffle iron The quesadilla maker The blender The vacuum People who come within 20 feet of our property without getting her authorization first (so pretty much everyone but me) Most German Shepherds for some reason When people can see her Having to walk to and get in the car (she’s fine Read more


Shop Local in San Diego: Coastal Editionfeatured

One of my ongoing, regular freelance assignments is this little column in the newspaper that profiles local businesses around the county. Which means, every week, I get to pick a neighborhood/city/region and highlight a locally-owned retail store. Luckily, San Diego County is massive, so there are a ridiculous number of options out there. (What’s challenging Read more


Weekend Listfeatured

Okay guys, I’m trying link round-ups (again) with a new format (again). Think of these as fun weekend to-do lists—stuff I’ve either watched, read, listened to, bought, etc. lately or stuff I want or plan on watching, reading, listening to, buying, etc. in the future. San Diego has rain in the forecast (again) this weekend Read more


On Startingfeatured

I plop to my butt in the snow and secure my boot in the binding. To get up, I do this awkward maneuver that involves pressing my hand down behind me and lurching forward with just enough momentum to stand up but not enough to fall on my face. I stand poised at the top, Read more

Moving Forward

Moving Forwardfeatured

So it’s been a week-plus. For me, Monday was the first day that something didn’t bring me to tears, so, progress. The #BidenMemes have been helping. As well as Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert and John Oliver. (ß that last one is fantastic because he actually gives some concrete examples of things we can do Read more


Now What?featured

I didn’t expect or want this post to be how I return to blogging, but here we are. Yesterday, I took a “mental health day” because I knew if I stayed home, I’d just spend the entire day watching the election results. I wasn’t worried about the outcome, I said, but about the potential backlash Read more

Can of Corn: Favorite Ballpark

Can of Corn: Favorite Ballparkfeatured

Before I launch into flowery language about AT&T (formerly SBC, formerly PacBell) Park, I want to point out that as a young’un, I spent a fair number of games (night games!) at Candlestick (latterly 3COM) Park. I don’t really care about the dismissive “bandwagoners” labels thrown on Giants fans nowadays because 1) that’s the price Read more

On Growing a Business: April 2016

On Growing a Business: April 2016featured

Towards the end of March, I was checking my invoice reports and upcoming work and realized, Shit, we’re already done with Q1. I need to get on this. I was on track for my highest-earning month of the year, but that was largely because of some unexpected one-off assignments and I was looking at stagnating or Read more

What I Read (April 2016)

What I Read (April 2016)featured

April was a little slow on the reading front. I got Moby Dick back from the library, though, so I’m trying to finally finish that up now (yay…) and then I’m hoping things will pick up. The Martian Okay, why did it take me so long to read this? Put it this way: I’ve seen Apollo 13 Read more