Can of Corn: Favorite Ballpark

Can of Corn: Favorite Ballparkfeatured

Before I launch into flowery language about AT&T (formerly SBC, formerly PacBell) Park, I want to point out that as a young’un, I spent a fair number of games (night games!) at Candlestick (latterly 3COM) Park. I don’t really care about the dismissive “bandwagoners” labels thrown on Giants fans nowadays because 1) that’s the price Read more

On Growing a Business: April 2016

On Growing a Business: April 2016featured

Towards the end of March, I was checking my invoice reports and upcoming work and realized, Shit, we’re already done with Q1. I need to get on this. I was on track for my highest-earning month of the year, but that was largely because of some unexpected one-off assignments and I was looking at stagnating or Read more

What I Read (April 2016)

What I Read (April 2016)featured

April was a little slow on the reading front. I got Moby Dick back from the library, though, so I’m trying to finally finish that up now (yay…) and then I’m hoping things will pick up. The Martian Okay, why did it take me so long to read this? Put it this way: I’ve seen Apollo 13 Read more

currently… {april 16}

currently… {april 16}featured

Yeah, this was supposed to go up last week. Or the week before that. I don’t remember. Blogging has not been a high priority lately, what can I say? It’s another identity crisis I’ve been having. clockwise from top left: art at quartyard; jasmine + bougainvillea passing onyx’s inspection; tea that comes with a quote; Read more

Training for Tuesday: White Girls Can’t Jump

Training for Tuesday: White Girls Can’t Jumpfeatured

I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis with running lately. Really, I’ve been lost, or at least without direction (what did the Scarecrow say in Wizard of Oz? If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t go the wrong way?) since finishing the marathon last year. I can’t believe that was only 16 months Read more

Why the U.S. Women’s Soccer Wage Discrimination Complaint is Important

Why the U.S. Women’s Soccer Wage Discrimination Complaint is Importantfeatured

A couple (several?) weeks ago, I noticed a headline — something about members of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team filing a discrimination complaint. This wasn’t the first article I read, but all the major news outlets seem to have covered it decently. I read it, was shocked to discover the crazy discrepancies between what the Read more

Can of Corn: Favorite Baseball Memory

Can of Corn: Favorite Baseball Memoryfeatured

June 13, 2012. A normal day. A Thursday, maybe? Tuesday? (I just checked. It was a Wednesday.) As usual, I got home from work, maybe went for a run or something, started making dinner. Got a couple texts from my dad. He, my mom, and youngest brother were going to the game that night. They Read more

Reading Round-Up

Reading Round-Upfeatured

I wasn’t going to write one of these reading round-ups until I finished Moby Dick, which I thought would have happened by now. I hit the renewal limit with about 300 pages to go, and had to return it to the library, after which I promptly requested it again — gotta love how I can Read more

“One Day” is Okay

“One Day” is Okayfeatured

Towards the end of my first full year in my first office job, my boss called to let me know I had earned the full potential of my annual bonus. I lit up when she told me the amount because it was exactly enough for a yoga teacher training program I’d been eying. (Then I Read more