How NOT to Give Advice

How NOT to Give Advicefeatured

I saw another one of those articles floating around Facebook earlier. “10 Things Non-Parents Shouldn’t Say to Parents” Guess what? It was written by a new parent. You’ve probably seen other examples. Aside from hundreds of other versions of the one above (there’s a lot of vitriol between parents and non-parents on the internets), maybe… Read more

5-4-3-2-1: Concerts, Food, Names, Animals, Quote

5-4-3-2-1: Concerts, Food, Names, Animals, Quotefeatured

I’m honestly not sure if I saw this somewhere and thought “oh, that’s brilliant, I’m gonna use it sometime,” or if I came up with it on my own. Either way, just a handful of random lists: 5 Concerts I Want to See: LED ZEPPELIN Billy Joel Tom Petty Elton John Bruce Springsteen honorable mention: Aerosmith Read more

Weekly Wishes and July Goals

Weekly Wishes and July Goalsfeatured

I’m linking up with Melyssa at The Nectar Collective today to share some of my “wishes” (goals) for the week ahead. And, since it’s a new month tomorrow, I’ve also got a couple overall goals for July. Weekly Wishes 01 | stop hitting snooze It’s an annoying habit. Since leaving my job, I’ve been setting Read more

Onyx’s Favorite Things

Onyx’s Favorite Thingsfeatured

This is Onyx. Allison is my human, and she says I get to blog here once a week. I’m still trying to master the opposable thumbs thing, so to get started, Allison helped me put together a photo essay of my favorite things.  

June Reading Round-Up

June Reading Round-Upfeatured

Have I mentioned that I really frickin’ love reading? That if there was a way to get paid to just read books, I’d be ALLLLLL over that? That I drive my husband a little nuts leaving the light on and staying up late reading pretty much every night? Okay. So we’re on the same page. Over the Read more

The Appeal of Swimming, and 8 Other Things I Don’t Understand

The Appeal of Swimming, and 8 Other Things I Don’t Understandfeatured

Well, the title seems pretty self-explanatory to me. Swimming laps I’ve done this. In college, when I couldn’t run for several months, I joined the tri club and tried to get into swimming. Somehow I managed to get to the pool 2-3 times a week, where I’d mostly just swim freestyle for about half an Read more

Guilty Pleasure TV: “Reality” Remodels

Guilty Pleasure TV: “Reality” Remodelsfeatured

I’m not one for “guilty pleasures.” If I enjoy something, I just enjoy it. Owning it and all that jazz. Except for those horrible remodeling shows on HGTV. I know. I know! They’re all horribly staged. Only one of the houses they look at is *actually* for sale. The hiccups — the dry rot, the Read more

Runners Tell All: That Time I Actually Made a Smart Decision

Runners Tell All: That Time I Actually Made a Smart Decisionfeatured

My proudest moment from running is probably my first half marathon — Rock n Roll Las Vegas, 2009 (before they started running it at night. We started at 6 in the morning and got to see drunks stumbling out of the casinos looking completely confused as to why there were thousands of runners instead of Read more

Crafty Subscriptions & Churro Bacon Cupcakes, Need I Say More?

Crafty Subscriptions & Churro Bacon Cupcakes, Need I Say More?featured

First off, I added The Ponytail Diaries on Bloglovin’, and they’re telling me to add this link: Follow my blog with Bloglovin (and, you know, if you *did* want to click that and follow me, I wouldn’t mind one teeny bit) Some of the fun things I liked/pinned/saved in Feedly recently… Not sure why, but I’ve become Read more

Pet Peeves: Internet Edition

Pet Peeves: Internet Editionfeatured

Nowadays, if you’re in the USA, you can’t really complain about anything without someone dismissing you by saying “first world problems…” (Have FWP caught on in Europe or other developed countries yet?) The thing is, we’ve ALWAYS had “first world problems,” we just used to call them “pet peeves” and everyone kinda accepted that you Read more