Pet Peeves: Internet Edition

Pet Peeves: Internet Editionfeatured

Nowadays, if you’re in the USA, you can’t really complain about anything without someone dismissing you by saying “first world problems…” (Have FWP caught on in Europe or other developed countries yet?) The thing is, we’ve ALWAYS had “first world problems,” we just used to call them “pet peeves” and everyone kinda accepted that you Read more

Making Waves, Part I

Making Waves, Part Ifeatured

When I was a senior in high school, I had room in my class schedule for two electives. They were going to be Creative Writing and Yearbook. To choose electives, you’d fill out a scantron with your top choices and several alternates. But to join the yearbook staff, you had to apply separately and the teacher Read more

Turning 28

Turning 28featured

My birthday was last week. When I talked to my mom on my birthday, she said “I can’t believe you’re 28 because I can’t believe I’m that old!” I can’t believe I’m this old either. When I was a kid, 28 — practically 30 — meant someone who was a Grown-Up. Someone who had their shit Read more

This is What We Call Risky

This is What We Call Riskyfeatured

My name is Allison and I just quit my job. ::does a happy dance:: ::happy dance turns into a freakout:: ::curls up in a ball on the couch wishing a bottle of wine would open itself:: In a nutshell. This wasn’t exactly what I wanted my first post here to be about. I had this Read more